About This Project

Boat Names

Customer can DIY or have us do it all for them! We can help along the way if questions arise!


Name Survey – $85
We come to measure and get photos for design template.


Old Name Removal – Starting at $85
We remove old graphics and wet sand and compound fiberglass to remove/lessen the ghosting of old graphics.


Design –  $85/hr
Custom design boat name (this is an hourly rate but most boat names take under an hour to design). More elaborate custom or hand drawn illustrations can take additional time.


Vinyl Print/Cut – $85
Pick 2 color medias that we contour cut, weed and mask for installation (medias include but are not limited to, metallic and non metallic silver, black, white, gold, red, blue, and etc).
Full color HP Latex printing to Avery performance vinyl with gloss UV protective laminate, contour cut, weeded and masked for installation


C&C Routed Hand-brushed Aluminum  1/8 Thick – Starting at $150
We can underlay or overlay your graphics with this premium dimensional boat name option.


Installation – Starting at $85
Graphics professionally installed to boat transom. (We can not warranty installations done by client).


Pricing may vary based on time and material involved for design and/or installation, as well as graphic removal.