PV Boat Graphics

PV Boat Graphics is a child company of Perdue Vision LLC. We specialize in boat detailing, graphics, boat names, contour cut stickers, boat wraps, C&C routed acrylic, aluminum and stainless steal LED backlit boat names and so much more.

Every part of your experience is going to be top notch. From the speedy and professional communication, to the hand held design process. Just ask anyone who has used us before why we are the best.

What sets us apart from our competitors, is custom (on site and virtual screen share) design service, the highest quality in materials, and a professional and certified installation process. We would love to make your boat shine like new or establish a humorous nautical themed boat name that will have your neighboring boaters chuckling for days.

paul perdue

Ever since he could walk, Paul Perdue has lived a life around boats. Living near Lake Lanier and having a lake house on Oconee, the boating life is something Paul became very passionate about. Pontoons, bow-riders, houseboats, cruisers and even a campsite sailboat have all blessed his life.

As the owner of Perdue Vision LLC a 15 your advertising agency he thought, why not have a business that is dedicated to boating and that lifestyle he loves so much. So PV Boat Graphics was born.

The company’s first investment was a 2008 Regal 2565 Windows Express. The boat was wrapped with Graphix and postcards designed to get potential clients an idea of our capabilities. It was not that long before the entire business exploded, from one project to the next and a domino affect from project to referrals and so on! The quality of our work has been admired and desired by many. If you’re looking for a high quality process with quality materials quality design and quality installation where ready when you are.

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